Selling by the method of Auction is a quick and easy way to liquidate your property. Real Estate Auctions have proven their effectiveness over hundreds of years. We believe a well-marketed Auction and a motivated seller create a perfect atmosphere to find the market value of any property on that day. When you bring a piece of property to Auction, you create the sense of urgency that today is THE day to buy. Advances in technology have made reaching a wider audience easier with marketing and bidding. When you reach out to Legacy Auctioneers, we will walk you through every step of the Auction process. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Auctions?

- Strategic way to liquidate

- Proactive approach to selling

- Build demand

- Procure MULTIPLE potential Buyers

- Competitive bidding drives market value

- Definite “Sale Day” creates urgency


Why Legacy Auctioneers?

- Specialized in Real Estate and Business Liquidation Auctions

- Team of experienced Auctioneers Licensed throughout the Southeast

- Equipped for online and on-site Auctions

- Mobile App for live simulcast and bidding

- Custom marketing campaign for each Auction

- A strong database of buyers